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n-Surf Image Processor

n-Surf is a new generation of software for analyzing and processing of images of surfaces obtained by Scanning Probe or Atomic Force Microscopes (SPM/AFMs). This application was developed for high-quality visualization and easy processing of all types of images. To date, support for Veeco/DI, NT-MDT and MPRI files has been implemented.

n-Surf main frame

Owing to the virtual main frame and other unique features, multidocument interface allows to work easily and concurrently with a variety of images.
You will enjoy freedom in manipulating different views of your document in the n - Surf environment.

This application uses all modern facilities of Windows 2000/XP, such as Thumbnails, Clipboard, Float toolbars, Contexts Help and others.

Superior printing quality will fit every user's requirements.

The basic concept of n-Surf is presentation of all images in the form of three views, namely, 2D, Bump and 3D, each having strengths and weaknesses. However, you have freedom in choosing the most workable one to solve your specific problems.

Researchers can use a lot of facilities and processing methods offered:

This list is by no means complete and will undergo replenishment in the future. At present n-Surf is constantly under development. Therefore there is always a room to implement specific suggestions of its customers. I would be happy to receive your remarks and proposals as to modification of this software.

Feel free to download the n-Surf 1.0 beta evaluation version.

Please use a feedback to give me your opinion and suggestions on further improvements.

The author and developer of n-Surf,
Nickolay Brailko.
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